Saturday, June 03, 2006

Personal History

I was born in Norristown, PA, less than an hour away from Philadelphia.

My parents are Martha and Charles Borgard. Much of what is good in my life I owe directly to them.

I have a brother Charles and a sister, Elaine, both of whom work in the private sector.

I am married to Laura Clark, a clinical psychologist who practices at the state's John Umstead Mental Hospital, and is an adjunct faculty member at UNC-CH's Psychology Department.

Here is a family photo from many years ago:

The back row: Charles A. Clark (my brother), Charles H. Clark (my father), Elaine Borgard (my sister), Bill Borgard (my brother-in-law), and me. The front row: Sherri Clark (my sister-in-law) holding Tim Clark (my nephew), Martha Clark (my mother), and Laura Clark (my wife). Not in this picture: Kelley Borgard and Tanya Borgard (my nieces).

Here is a more recent photo (not as clear) with almost everybody:

The back row: Laura, Tanya, Martha, Sherri, Elaine. The front row: Tim, me, Charles, Charles, Kelley, Bill.

My wife and I have two children, David and Elizabeth. They rule the family now but we love them anyway.

Here is the latest Clark family portrait, in honor of my parents fiftieth wedding anniversary.

The back row: Tim, Sherri, Charles, Martha, Charles, Bill, Elaine, Jeff, Laura, Kelley. The front row: Elizabeth, David.